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Super Power Super Kids Cut-Outs

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A budget-friendly, classic way to decorate your classroom! The Super Power Super Kids assorted Colorful Cut-Outs® are versatile by design—the pieces can be used for name tags, games, calendar activities, and more. Add flair to any environment by decorating with this charming 42-piece set. This set includes:

  • 42 super kids (largest 6" x 5.5", smallest 6" x 4.5")

  • 12 each: blue capes, green capes

  • 9 yellow cape

  • 6 red capes

  • 3 orange capes

Create a learning environment that energizes and empowers with the Super Power Super Kids assorted Colorful Cut-Outs®. A time-saving solution for adding fun and function to your learning environment, assorted colorful cut-outs can be used for accenting bulletin boards, message displays, and more! Designed to be versatile, these cut-outs can also serve as classroom labels, game pieces, name tags, cubby tags, door decorations, and reward cards. Be sure to add the coordinating products to create a stylish classroom theme!

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