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Smart Steps for Toddlers

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Young children learn about their environment and make discoveries through play and exploration. These developmentally appropriate interactive songs help toddlers learn how to share creative experiences. They gain an understanding about spatial sense, improve their listening skills, are exposed to language, and develop motor skills. They bounce, babble, pound, sway, clap, stomp, jump, wiggle, and more to melodic rhythms and rhymes that address the brain’s attention to patterns, the body’s urge to move, and the development of memory.

Song list:

  1. My Special Hello Song

  2. Circle Time

  3. My Hands, My Hands

  4. The Cow Goes

  5. When I am Happy

  6. Bumpy Road

  7. Babble, Babble

  8. We Blow the Bubbles

  9. The Train Ride

  10. How do You Move?

  11. Colors

  12. Touch Your Head

  13. Clap, Jump, Thump

  14. Come on and Say the Alphabet

  15. Wiggle Your Fingers & Hands

  16. Big Toe, Little Toe

  17. Bee, Ant, Froggie

  18. When I Share

  19. I Brush My Teeth

  20. The Potty Song

  21. It's Time to Say Goodbye

  22. Gentle Breeze

  23. Hush Little One

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