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Smart Songs 2

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"After A Comes B." Start kids listening and learning early! We wouldn’t know our ABCs unless we sang them. It’s time to clean up, use the potty, brush our teeth, move through the days of the week, identify colors, observe what's in the room, practice good manners, interpret opposites, and so much more. They are songs with a purpose that encourage kids to sing along, mimic a phrase, shout a response, and move! Whether at home, in class, or in the car, these subjects and concepts will help get kids ready for school and retain the information they learn. Guest singers are Tim Russ (Tuvok) and Robert Picardo (The Doctor) from the TV series, Star Trek: Voyager.

Song Titles:

  • 1. It’s Time To Clean
    2. Everybody Has To Potty
    3. Where They Go (Home)
    4. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    5. I Brush My Teeth
    6. I Go To The Library
    7. We’re Born
    8. Where I Am
    9. Good Manners
    10. Double Trouble
    11. Animal Acts
    12. A Week Has 7 Days
    13. I Spy (colors)
    14. We Drive a Car
    15. Clap One Far Out
    16. Opposites
    17. Gather All the Coins
    18. After A Comes B
    19. AEIOU (short vowels)
    20. I Know Spanish (animals)
    21. Counting We Will Go (By 5 to 100)
    22. Make Up a Story (About a Girl)

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