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Senseez® Adaptables, Camo

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The all-in-one for those who need varying ways to calm or relax. In a neutral camo print this pillow is sure to alleviate anxiety and reduce stress.

Senseez® 3 in 1 Therapeutic pillows offer a variety of sensations to address a variety of sensory needs. Insert the weighted pack into the pillow and enjoy the calming sensations of pressure therapy. Heat and insert the hold/cold pack for added soothing or cool it for muscle pain. Squeeze the pillow and it vibrates too!


Not for Children under 3 yrs

  • Dimensions: 6.5" H x 17" L (Inches)

Vibrational play HELPS in every way

  • Helps calm hyperactivity

  • Helps children focus

  • Helps with falling asleep

  • Helps children overcome sensory sensitivities

  • Helps children satisfy sensory input cravings

  • Helps soothe anxiety

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