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Move & Learn, Sing & Dance Spanish Songs

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¡Muévete! y Aprende!

"¡Hay una ranita brincando junto el lago!" This playful collection of Spanish songs combines physical activity with learning. Young children extend patterns, name body parts, discover opposites, experience prepositions, incorporate simple props, and move rhythmically. Action-packed songs encourage fine and gross motor practice, promote language development, and develop listening skills. New songs are combined with select songs that were chosen by Migrant Head Start bilingual educators from popular Abridge Club titles to compliment early childhood ESL curricula. An English quick-view guide is included inside the CD cover.

Song List:

  • 1. Circle Time

  • 2. Shake, Mix, Pound, Roll

  • 3. Farmer's Market

  • 4. Down, Down Baby

  • 5. Take That Rope (Action)

  • 6. Build a Bridge (for Tots)

  • 7. Dance Freeze

  • 8. To Market, To Market

  • 9. Jell-O Jiggles

  • 10. Shake Your Boom Boom

  • 11. There's a Froggie!

  • 12. Toss & Catch

  • 13. Swing and Fly

  • 14. I'm Growing

  • 15. Time to Go

  • 16. Take That Rope (Instrumental)

¡A Cantar, A Bailar!

"¡Pedro, el conejo, tiene un mosco en la nariz!" These quick and lively classic Spanish songs by native speaker, Nora Sanchez, include activities that cover counting, body parts, emotions, vocal control, and rhythmic skills with imaginative play, and accompany young children through different ages and stages. This collection can be used to build vocabulary, promote literacy, enhance traditional fingerplays, improve fine & gross motor skills, and compliment felt stories in ways that engage young children and expand upon early childhood curricula. English song descriptions can be found inside of the CD cover.

Song List:

  • 1. Los Elefantes 2:04 The Elephants

  • 2. La Araña Pequeñita 1:17 Itsy Bitsy Spider

  • 3. Eres Mi Sol 1:23 You Are My Sunshine

  • 4. Gusanito, Gusanito 1:32 Fuzzy, Fuzzy Caterpillar

  • 5. O Maclovio Tenia Una Granja 1:45 Old McDonald Had a Farm

  • 6. De Colores 2:38 A World of Colors

  • 7. Perrito En La Ventana 1:23 I Want the Little Doggie in the Window

  • 8. Si Estas Feliz y Tu Lo Sabes 1:51 If You’re Happy and You Know It

  • 9. Pedro El Conejo 1:29 Little Peter Rabbit had a Fly Upon His Nose

  • 10. ¿A Donde a Hido Mi Perro? 1:24 Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

  • 11. Vengan a Ver Mi Granja 1:54 Come and See My Farm

  • 12. Los Pajaritos 2:12 The Birds

  • 13. Lucerito Celeste :24 Good Morning, Lucy

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