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Insta-Snow Powder,3.5 oz

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As everyone knows, snow is a seasonal phenomenon. In some areas of the country, it doesn’t occur at all. Snow can’t be brought inside for study or playing with friends. So, when snow (and fun) is on the mind, let your your young scientists experience hours of entertainment with the Steve Spangler Science Insta-Snow Powder kits, delivering realistic and fluffy snow that can be dried out and reused countless times. This fake snow won’t feel fake at all. Just add water and watch in amazement. Within seconds, the mixture transforms into a solid and then erupts into a fluffy, white, snow-like material. The best part? There’s no stirring required. Watch as it instantly expands up to 100 times its original volume before your eyes. Our Instant Snow Powder kit is a true wonder and a versatile learning aid for the classroom or playtime.

Choose Fake Snow for Real Fun in the Classroom

Insta-Snow isn’t just a cool demonstration tool. Educators have found great uses for instant snow from early childhood sensory tables to advanced chemistry experiments. No matter what quantity of Insta-Snow you choose, you’ll get all of the materials you need in this comprehensive kit, including mixing instructions and an in-depth scientific explanation about polymers.

The Learning Opportunities of Playing With Snow

Oh, the wonder of polymers! Explore the fun side of learning using the ever-changing science of polymers. As students experiment with our Insta-Snow product, teachers and parents can discuss the application of polymers in everyday life. Kids will be excited to witness the magic of Insta-Snow as you explain to them how this substance changes from a liquid to a solid.

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