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Homax Drywall Spray Texture Water-Base, 10-Ounce

SKU HX4091-06
by Homax
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Homax Orange Peel Water-Based Wall Texture is a low-odor, water-based formulation of our most popular “orange peel” and splatter texture for textured drywall repair. Variations in orange peel texture (also called splatter or eggshell) help hide surface imperfections while reflecting light and adding interest to a room. Our water-based formula excels at replicating orange peel texture patterns so you can get professional results fast. Great for patching and texturing small rooms and accent walls.

Low-odor water-based formulation of our most popular “orange peel” and splatter texture. Matches a wide range of texture patterns with the advantage of easy water cleanup and very little odor. This fast-drying spray texture is a great choice for patching in occupied spaces like offices, schools, hospitals, etc.

• Water-based, Easy Clean Up, Low Odor
• Adjusts to spray fine to heavy orange peel textures
• Covers up to 50 sq. ft.

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