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Set up the sliding red bars according to one of the challenges and then place the tip of the stylus at the start position. You can't lift it up again until you've made it to the finish.

As you slide and navigate your way around the maze, it might feel almost too simple - especially since you can move the red bars out of the way as you go, sliding them left or right one space.

But pretty soon, you'll find yourself stuck - That bar needs to move left, but it can't be moved any further left! That bar needs to be pushed from the other side, but how do I get to that side without moving this other bar and blocking myself out??

An innovative twist on classic fun, Amaze is sure to have everyone in the family stuck, stumped, and hungry for more.

  • Classic maze fun shifted to a whole new level of brain-busting fun
  • Encourages fine motor skills, problem-solving, logic, critical thinking, spatial reasoning
  • An intense cognitive challenge everyone in the family will love
  • Red bars shift left or right to block pathways and keep you thinking
  • Set up the maze according to one of the challenges
  • Use the stylus to start at the start point and slide through the maze to the finish
  • Stylus cannot be lifted up from the maze until you've reached the finish
  • Includes handheld maze with tethered stylus
  • Detailed instructions included - Features 16 challenges to try, plus solutions
  • Challenges are also printed on the back of the maze
  • High quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional maze-challenge experience
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