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Atlantic Series Small 10" Tricycle

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The Atlantic Small tricycle is the classic tricycle for the kindergarten with simple and essential lines, perfect for learning to pedal. Equipped with a large front wheel for greater stability of the tricycle, it transmits greater safety to the child during use, the Atlantic Small tricycle is an excellent product for children who are discovering that pressing first one foot and then the other on the two pedals through a rotational movement they manage to push the tricycle forward and that both feet on the pedals simultaneously manage to stop the vehicle if necessary. Sturdy structure in painted steel; full anti-puncture and wide wheels; sturdy non-slip pedals on the front wheel universal saddle with recess to make it easier for the adult to move the product.

Seat height 12". Ages 2 - 4.


  • Psychomotor skills and specifically:
  • approach to one's body, one's sensations and learning new skills;
  • coordination of balance and stability on a vehicle with moving wheels;
  • coordination between legs and arms combined with the control of what is happening around to choose the destination;
  • development of new muscle groups;
  • the management of the alternating push on the pedals to go towards the goal;
  • foot management to brake when needed;
  • learning to steer and how to corner;
  • the tricycle for the kindergarten stimulates self-perception in relation to the outside world;
  • stimulates their desire for independence and adventure.

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