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Multicultural Bean Bag Fun

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Bean Bag activities blended with world traditions and rich musical rhythms, teach unique customs and cultures. Includes circle and partner activities, traditional dances, games and fiestas, while teaching important concepts, motor skills and other languages. Using bean bag, play hopscotch Bolivian style, plant rice in the Philippines, become a Japanese Kabuki dancer, celebrate "Diwali", the festival of lights in India, join a drumming circle in West Africa, play a Bahamas beach game.

1. Hello World, Hello

2. Circle of Friends

3. Bahama Beach Game

4. A Visit To Italy

5. London Drive

6. Hola Amigos

7. Planting Rice

8. African Drum Circle

9. Samba Parade

10. La Thunkuna

11. Kangaroo Hop

12. The Irish Leprechaun

13. Oom Pah Pah Band

14. Chinese New Year

15. Kabuki Dancer

16. Diwali...Festival of Lights

17. One World, One Earth

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