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Smart Songs 1

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"Circle around and drop a line. That is how you make a 9." Packed with songs that encourage young children to sing along, shout a response, mimic a phrase, and move. Introduce kids to fun classroom topics such as mimicking the characteristics of insects, chanting how to write their numbers, long vowels using words that they can act out, identifying shapes that they can move to, crossing the street safely, saying days of the week with different emotions, Spanish numbers they can shout, and so much more. A variety of subjects and concepts from preschool, T-K, and kindergarten curricula help get kids ready for school and retain the information they learn. Guest singers are Tim Russ (Tuvok), and Robert Picardo (The Doctor) from the TV series, Star Trek: Voyager. Voted "BEST EDUCATIONAL" by Children's Music Web.

Song List:

  • 1. Clap One to the Left

  • 2. Eight Big Planets

  • 3. Plant a Seed

  • 4. Insect Acts

  • 5. There are 12 Months a Year

  • 6. Days of the Week

  • 7. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

  • 8. Four Seasons

  • 9. There are 5 Senses

  • 10. Up and Down Our Bodies

  • 11. Off to the Doctor

  • 12. AEIOU (long vowels)

  • 13. I Spy (shapes)

  • 14. Transportation

  • 15. Don’t Talk to Strangers

  • 16. To Cross a Street

  • 17. If There is a Fire

  • 18. Number Chants (from 1-10)

  • 19. I Know Spanish (numbers)

  • 20. A Counting We Will Go (From 1-100)

  • 21. Make Up a Story (About a Boy) 3:09

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