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Raffi - Everything Grows

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From bathtime and teddy bears to red birds and little white ducks, this Raffi album is filled with an enthusiastic spirit of fun! Kids can dance around the family room to the island sound of "Brown Girl in the Ring," break out the pots and pans to play along with "Let's Make Some Noise," and sing with a "Bathtime" chorus of "bu-bu-bu-bubbly bubbles." Though Everything Grows has a stronger mix of Raffi-penned originals than previous albums, tunes like the title cut, "Teddy Bear Hug," and "Just Like the Sun" are excellent complements to better-known titles such as "Little White Duck" and the kid-friendly "Ha-Ha This-a-Way."

  1. Bathtime

  2. Brown Girl In The Ring

  3. The Little House

  4. The Mountain Polka

  5. Savez-Vous Planter Des Choux

  6. Mary Wore Her Red Dress

  7. Eight Piggies In A Row

  8. Let’s Make Some Noise

  9. Everything Grows

  10. Ha Ha Thisaway

  11. Teddy Bear Hug

  12. Saturday Morning

  13. Little White Duck

  14. Haru Ga Kita

  15. Just Like The Sun

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