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Hap Palmer - Walter the Waltzing Worm

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These songs invite children to move. The song lyrics are built around words that describe movement. Words such as slow, fast, straight, curved, tight, loose, bend, stretch, over, under and around are a fundamental part of a child's general vocabulary. Active learning is an effective way to teach this vocabulary.

In addition to enhancing the understanding of language, active participation in the learning of a movement vocabulary also provides a foundation of basic movement skills which are common to all forms of physical activity including recreational games, sports and dance.

1. What A Miracle
2. Walter The Waltzing Worm
3. A Genius, Of Course
4. Slide Whistle Suite
5. Flick-A-Fly
6. Song About Slow, Song About Fast
7. Swing, Shake, Twist, And Stretch
8. All The Ways Of Jumping Up And Down
9. Surprise Song

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