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Cool Aerobics For Kids CD

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No prodding needed...your kids will want to work out to these awesome routines, cool songs and lively music. This exercise recording is just right for children four through nine years of age, and will be lots of fun for you, too! A complete program begins with breathing exercises, followed by a warm-up, motivating aerobics and ends with a cool down. Guide includes lyrics and instructions.

1. Ride The Train (Music: Iko, Iko)

2. Warm-up (Music: "ABC")

3. Fiesta (Music: Hot, Hot, Hot)

4. Twist (Music: Let's Twist Again)

5. Dancing (Music: Dancing In The Street)

6. Electric Moves (Music: Electric Boogie)

7. Cat Stretch (Music: Alley Cat)

8. Mashed Potato (Music: Mashed Potato)

9. Chicken (Music: The Chicken)

10. Jump, Run, Shout (Music: Shout)

11. Cheering at the Game (Music: I'm So Excited)

12. Stretch and Twist (Music: Proud Mary)

13. The Hokey Pokey (Music: Hokey Pokey)

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