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The American Heritage Children's Dictionary

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The American Heritage® Children's Dictionary is an indispensable reference work for children in grades 3-6. It contains thousands of words that children need to know, all defined in clear, easy-to-understand language. Abundant example sentences show how to use the words in context. Fifteen hundred full-color illustrations bring the words to life and invite browsing.

The word list is enhanced with hundreds of informative notes that describe word histories, discuss synonyms, warn of spelling pitfalls, and discuss how to use prefixes and suffixes to build vocabulary. Supplementary material in the back of the book includes a guide to phonics and grammar, a geographical dictionary, maps, and a table of measurements.

This updated edition includes many new illustrations as well as a variety of new words and meanings in the fast-changing areas of technology, sports, and health, including podcast, smartphone, paddleboard, and gluten.

The American Heritage® Children's Dictionary is rich in content and graphics and easy to use. It provides a complete and compelling language reference for every child.

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