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Senseez® Cushion, Red Octagon

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The red octagon is perfect for children who like counting sides. Shaped like a stop sign, this pillow will get your kids calm and relaxed in no time! Made from vinyl. 10" X 10". Easy to wipe clean.

Senseez® Vibrating Children's Cushions are colorful, lightweight, fun shaped and offer a gentle vibration whey they are squeezed or sat on. Senseez® operates on batteries and have a small pouch inside that vibrates to offer sensations to relax, calm, or soothe the body. Designed for hugging, sitting, and squeezing.


Not for Children under 3 yrs

Vibrational play HELPS in every way

  • Helps calm hyperactivity

  • Helps children focus

  • Helps with falling asleep

  • Helps children overcome sensory sensitivities

  • Helps children satisfy sensory input cravings

  • Helps soothe anxiety

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