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Hap Palmer - Can a Jumbo Jet Sing the Alphabet?

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Young children learn best by doing. These songs invite active involvement in developing vocabulary and mastering a wealth of skills and concepts. The joy of moving generates enthusiasm to learn about numbers, shapes, letters, phonics, creative problem solving and cultural diversity.

1. ‘Round The World With Ways To Say Hello
2. Alphabet In Motion
3. What Could You Use?
4. Can A Jumbo Jet Sing The Alphabet?
5. The Shapes That Surround You
6. Jig Along Shapes
7. Everybody Dance
8. Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Basic
9. Please And Thank You - Part I
10. Letters In The Blender
11. Boogie Down And Cruise
12. The Bean Bag
13. What Could A Bean Bag Be?
14. Tug-A-Tug To Twenty Two
15. Fun With The Rhyme Time Band
16. Action Fraction
17. Sharing The Bean Bag
18. The Compost Bin
19. Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Advanced
20. Please And Thank You - Part II
21. Motion Memory Good-Bye Game
22. Good-Bye My Friends
23. ’Round The World With Ways To Say Hello (Sing-a-long track)
24. Compost Bin (Sing-a-long track)
25. Good-Bye My Friends (Sing-a-long track)

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