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Ceramic Magnet Kit

SKU DMM731022
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Includes horseshoe, bar, disc, ring, and latch magnets, plus compass.

Try This!

• Every magnet has two poles: north and south. The horseshoe and bar magnets are marked accordingly. To identify the poles of the other magnets, place one of the large, flat surfaces of your disc, ring, or latch magnet along the edge of the compass.

The red needle of the compass will point to the north pole of the magnet. Use small sticky notes to label the poles.

• A compass is a magnet - compare and see! Place the compass flat in your hand. Gently turn the compass until the red needle rests while it's pointing to the "N" on the compass face. Note the direction of the red needle and put it aside. Next, place the bar magnet in the flat bottom of a small plastic bowl. Fill a larger plastic bowl with water, and foat the smaller bowl on the water in the larger bowl. Allow the small bowl to come to a stop. Is the north pole of the bar magnet pointing in the same direction that the red needle of the compass pointed?

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