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OPCOM Micro Grow Dome Garden Hydroponics System

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The OPCOM Micro Grow Dome Garden with 9.5” Diameter Globe design, Adjustable Top, and Flexible decorative display options

About Micro GrowDome Garden

At the seedling stage for humidity loving plants like Moss, you can maintain high humidity inside the dome. When your plants grow up or if you are growing plants suitable for a drier environment, you can move the top up or remove the top of the dome completely.

The air freshener fan with Mist generator distributes air and humidity to the plants to help them grow and distributes O₂ and Negative Ions produced by the system to the surrounding environment, i.e. your office, home, store, hospital, and enclosed spaces.

The Dual Hydroponics DFT(Deep Flowing Technology) and Aeroponics with preset watering and lighting time control, automatically grows plants that love humidity or drier environments. It can grow Oxygen-promoting plants from Moss, Ferns, Microgreens, Herbs to Succulents. The OPCOM Micro Grow Dome Garden uses a standard E26 LED light bulb for convenient replacement. Choose your color with a 5~15w A60 light bulb to customize your Micro Grow Dome Garden.

The Dual Hydroponics DFT(Deep Flowing Technology) and Aeroponics with smart LED Growth and reading light auto switch control to grow wet to dry plants from Moss, Ferns, Microgreens, Herbs to Succulents are the best air-freshening plants in the world.

Micro Grow Dome Garden includes flexible display options such as hanging from a ceiling, a centerpiece for a table or console, or a floor stand accessory. This is a great gift for anyone!


  • Smart Light
    The automatic Day/Night light source control system saves energy and can be set to match with sunrise and sunset.

  • DFT
    DFT hydroponics technology with pre-setting watering time for growing plants with different hydration needs from Microgreen to Succulents.

  • O2 Bar
    Built-in oxygen circulation fan, working with moss, ferns, flowers, fleshy plants helps to absorb heavy metal pollution in the air, PM2.5 and CO2; and produce oxygen and negative ions, thoroughly purifying the air.

  • Forest at home
    The compact garden area is equivalent to the oxygen production of 8 trees

  • Up/Down Dome Top
    Top Dome can move down/up or be removed to maintain the desired humidity level for different plants and the indoor environment.

  • 2 Display Options
    Hanging up, tabletop 2 in 1 display options design.



  • Model No. OFG008

  • Power AC 120V / AC 240V +-10%

  • Daily Power Consumption (KWh)

  • Auto .08

  • Planting capacity Dot-matrix holes*18 pcs Φ380mm

  • Growth Light 6.4W

  • Fan 1W

  • Body Dimensions (in/mm) Φ9.5” x H9.5” (Φ240mm x 240mm)

  • Package Weight (lb./kg) 2kg

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