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OPCOM Grow Box Tabletop Hydroponics System

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50 Planting Capacity All-in-One Hydroponic System with Vertical Vine Plant Uprights - Adjustable LED Lights Starter Kit Included

  • Up to 50 leafy greens and 25 big leafy plants - high capacity and high yield rate

  • Compactable and Open Frame Vine Design -- Retractable Box with Vine Stands for over 3ft tall or vining plants, like lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and hot pepper etc.

  • Advanced full spectrum grow light of White Red, UV, IR

  • Recirculates Nutrient-rich Water and Plants are in depth of approximately 4 cm high nutrient solution

  • Height and Angle Adjustable Growth Light - in different angles and heights to match plants' growing stage, stimulate varying sunlight intensities for efficient growth

  • Standard LED bulb A60 PAR38 for easy replace and assembly

  • Energy Efficient Smart Control and Day/Night Auto Light - Support efficient light and water circulation, and could be set to match with the sunrise and sunset to saves energy

About Grow Box:

OPCOM Grow Box is an all-in-one hydroponic growing system designed for in-home gardening and farming all year round. Easy to grow with an one touch AUTO mode and featuring a table-top design, the Grow Box can help you grow clean, healthy produce in the comfort of your own home.

It is efficient, using 90% less water than conventional outdoor gardening. The high-intensity LED grow lights creates sunlight-simulating full color spectrum that help plants thrive, ensuring the most efficient growth. Grow Box features an automated control system that manages lighting and water circulation, making growing a breeze! It is an ideal for many settings, including the home, classroom, and hospital.

Grow Box comes fully equipped with seeds pack, pH management, nourishment and a measuring device so customers can begin growing immediately.


● All-in-one hydroponic growing table system, designed for indoor gardening all year round. 
● Can grow up to 50 leafy plants, 25 large leafy plants, or 4 vines plants, bringing pleasant views.
● Included 4 expandable vine pipes ( standard 25mm pipe ) for beautiful vines to climb and grow on.
● Retractable design, easy to carry and setup.
● Perfect for Education purposes and Labs.
● Smart control box and remote control with buttons for Power/ Auto Setting/ LED/ Pump, easy to manage.
● The height of the 4 pillars can be adjusted according to the plant's growth.
● 4 coiled pipe lights can be adjusted for any direction.
● 4 18W lights emit from 40 degrees with standard thread base, easy to replace.
● Special zone reserved for younger plants with sprout tray included, all compacted at the same location.
● Special internal circulation water and air pump design, handling nutrition, air, and water altogether!
● Advance full-spectrum LEDs (White/ Red/ UV/ IR). 
● Heartwarming light designed with plants to bring you energy and joy, and can serves as a phototherapy treatment to ease your depression.     
● Bundles with EC/pH sensor for water quality management.
● Comes with a free 6-month hydroponics material pack, start your farming fun today!

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