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Hardcover Book & Pocket Chart/Feeling Cards

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Congratulations, you now have an easy and simple way to keep the language of emotions alive in your classroom, build a caring community, and create an atmosphere of empathy.

Begin by reading the Flower Feelings book and discuss each feeling with a personal connection.

Example: “I feel proud when someone compliments me on doing a good job” or “I feel Courageous when I ride my bike down a steep hill.”

Give students their packet of twelve cards and allow each student to choose the appropriate card from the packet of twelve and place it in the clear pocket under their name explaining why they choose that feeling (they may need prompting such as “Did your Mommy give you a kiss when she dropped you off at school, is that why you choose Happy?” Next, have the student place the rest of their cards in the rear pocket. During the day, direct the children to notice what “feeling card” they have displayed and ask if they want to change it and remind them to notice what “feeling card” their friends have in their pocket. Maybe there is a friend who has a different card? Why? Teach the students to ask others about the card they have displayed. Maybe a friend is feeling “Sad” and you could find out why and help them.

Suggested times to change cards: * Beginning of the school day *Upon returning to classroom from recess, lunch and other classes *End of school day

The best way for putting a child’s name on each pocket is to use a white index card. Write the child’s name on the index card and place it in the back pocket. It will fit neatly with the 12 cards.

Celebrate all Your Feelings!

Included: The Flower Feelings Hard Cover Book, Pocket Chart, Twelve Packets of Feelings Cards - each card featuring one of the feelings from the book.

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