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Feelings Faces Poster

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"I'm MAD!"

"I am frustrated!"

"I feel really sad right now."

"I'm SO annoyed."

When kids can say how they are feeling, it becomes easier to cope with that feeling. Identifying feelings is an essential step on the road to self-regulation.

This feelings faces poster shows our Coping Characters with a variety of different emotions. Kids can use the poster to check in throughout the day about how they are feeling. The more they use it, the more practice they'll get at identifying the different emotions they have throughout the day.

BONUS! There is a blank space so kids can add in their own emotions if what they're feeling is not listed.

Perfect for schools, therapy offices, and home

Poster measures 13.375" x 19"

Made in the USA

Beautifully Illustrated

Multicultural and Inclusive

Created by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Once they can say how they feel, they can pick a coping skill to help them safely manage that emotion. Our line of Coping Cue Cards offers tons of kid-friendly strategies and has some of the same coping characters as the Feelings Faces Poster.

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