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Big triangular crayons X-Big Delta 12 colors

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These pencils are an ideal product for younger children who are just acquiring manual skills and are starting their adventure with drawing. Why are they especially recommended for them:

  1. First of all, they are large crayons, thanks to which it is easier for a child to operate on them. Compared to ordinary crayons, its size is about 35% larger, while the refill is almost twice as thick. The insert is 5.5mm thick and the crayon is 10.5mm thick
  2. Secondly, triangular crayons are more ergonomic and lie more comfortably in the hand.
  3. Thirdly, the large and soft insert makes the color clearly visible and makes it easy for the child to color the pictures.

Not all pencils are equally easy to use and of equal quality. If they are hard and brittle, the joy of drawing may end quickly, and it shouldn't be. Our crayons are of great quality, thanks to which their use not only guarantees fun, but above all is easy and pleasant. This is especially important for younger children, who train their hand by drawing and prepare it for later learning to write. 

The set includes 12 brightly colored pencils with soft graphite. In addition, the pencils are resistant to breaking and impact, which makes them last longer than other products. Advantages:

  • thick refill
  • break resistant
  • strong housing
  • deep colors
  • large crayon easy to grab in your hand
  • efficient

For sharpening crayons, we recommend the Jolly double sharpener, which will work well for sharpening both large X-Big and normal crayons.

Age: 3+

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