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Graphite Smencils - Gourmet Scented Coloring Pencils, 10 Count

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by Scentco
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Smencils are scented pencils that are made from recycled newspapers. We roll sheets of newspaper tightly around the vibrant color cores until pencils of typical thickness are formed. Then they’re hardened – allowing them to be sharpened just like wood pencils. Next, we soak them with our gourmet liquid scents. Once they’re dry, we apply the graphics that identify which scent was infused into each Smencil!

  • Scented coloring pencils made from recycled newspaper
  • Keep the little ones engaged and excited with sensory-stimulating stationery products that are a must-have in the classroom or at home
  • Vibrant pre-sharpened colored pencils ideal for coloring books, arts, crafts, activities, teaching incentives, and more
  • Scents last for two years so your Smencils smell great every time you color, sketch, and draw
  • Bubble Gum, Blue Slushie, Pineapple Swirl, Strawberry Cheesecake, Jelly Donut, Jolly Watermelon, Rainbow Sherbet, Orange Soda, Black Cherry, and Chocolate Milkshake

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