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Dr. Jean - All Day Long

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The songs on this CD will keep you singing "All Day Long!" There are circle time songs that will help children learn to spell the days of the week and the months of the year, as well as tunes for special occasions like having a birthday or losing a tooth.

1. Rise and Shine
2. Happy Days
3. Month Hop
4. Weather Song
5. Surprise Sack
6. New Shoes
7. Welcome Back
8. Loose Tooth
9. Birthday Song
10. Line-Up Cadence
11. Dismissal Song
12. Have a Seat
13. Give Me a Clap
14. Wiggle Them
15. Tidy Up
16. Hi Ho Helpers
17. Scrub a Dub
18. Lunch Time Round-Up
19. Hush, Little Baby
20. Magic Words
21. Name on Your Paper
22. Crayons
23. Pencil Grip
24. Scissors Snip
25. A Coloring We'll Go
26. What Did You Learn Today?
27. Back Pack Boogie
28. Skin a Ma Rink

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